Lesson on Identity, Values, and Goal-setting

The lesson on Monday and Tuesday (September 9 & 10) began with a story: Mindful Panda. Next students practiced chocolate meditation and reflected on the same. Then we explored the concept of IDENTITY and a key developmental task of adolescence: developing a sense of who you are and avoiding role confusion. Following a think-pair-share activity brainstorming different components of a person’s identity, the class read and discussed Erikson Psychosocial Stages. Values are one component of a person’s identity, so students next considered the following questions – what is a value, where do our values come from, which are our most important values, and how awareness of values shape our decisions and goals. Students completed a Values Inventory to help sort out which values are the most important for them at this time in their lives. The HW is posted to the HW Calendar it includes the Parent Version of the values inventory, having a discussion with your parent about your top 10 values compared to hers/his, and five Reflection Questions.

On Wednesday and Thursday (September 11 & 12), we wrapped up any pending activities from the previous lesson, and then we discussed important guidelines to follow when setting goals. Students then selected five specific, worthwhile, realistic yet demanding goals that are long or short-term, to work towards. Students recorded these goals, along with five of their important values, on the Project Planner. Ms. Lockwood also briefly introduced the Self-Reflection Project.


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