Lesson on Values and Decision Making

The lesson on Thursday and Friday (Jan 23 & 24) began with an exploration of values. Students considered the following questions – what is a value, where do our values come from, which are our most important values, and how do values shape our decisions and goals? Students completed a Values Inventory to help sort out which values are the most important for them at this time in their lives. Students share their ranking with two or three other students and then as a class we debriefed the activity. Next Ms. Lockwood introduced the The Responsible Decision-Making Model and then had students work in pairs on either Scenario A or Scenario B to practice the skill of responsible decision making. Then as a whole class we debrief the two scenarios and decisions.

The HW involves having your parent complete the Parent Version of the values inventory, having a discussion with your parent about your top 10 values compared to hers/his, and answering the five reflection questions (see assignment copied to your health folder in google drive).

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